Porting from Google Voice

Ready to move your phone number from Google Voice to RingTo? You'll need to follow these few simple steps:


First - You must start by unlocking your Google Voice number.  All failed porting attempts from Google Voice are automatically canceled. If you do not unlock your number prior to porting, the request will fail and go into a cancellation state. Then you will need to resubmit a porting request.


Second- Go to http://www.google.com/voice/unlock  (do not use your mobile browser as you may get the Google Voice web app)

- Select "Unlock my number" and complete the process.



Finally - Once you have confirmed your Google Voice number is unlocked, visit the RingTo homepage and enter your unlocked Google Voice number. Specify the number as a "Google Voice" port before proceeding. 


Now start porting!


You will be directed to our RingTo Terms and Conditions and a small porting request form. **Please use your Google Voice phone number as the Account Number and leave the PIN entry blank (no PIN required for Google Voice ports). Submit the port when all fields are entered and you're done!



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