Setting up your RingTo voicemail on Android, IOS and the website

Getting your voicemail setup is a snap. This guide will walk you through the steps.






Step 1: Launch the RingTo app and head over to the menu stack. Select "My Numbers"



Step 2: Select the three dots alongside your phone number and "Edit Number". If you ported multiple numbers into RingTo, you can configure separate voicemail settings for each.




Step 3: Set your voicemail to "on" and set your voicemail greeting to "My Voice".  Now record your personal greeting or use the Default message. "Auto-Answer" settings adjust the number of seconds your phone will ring before voicemail answers the call.




If you're trying to setup voicemail via web, see below.




Step 1: Login to your RingTo account via




Step 2: Select the "Number Settings" menu. Note: You can have separate voicemail settings for each of your RingTo numbers.




Step 3: Select which RingTo number you wish to edit voicemail settings for at the top of the page. Next select default audio recording or record a custom greeting for outgoing messages. You can also upload an audio file if you have one. Record your greeting, click save, and you're all set!






Step 1: Launch the RingTo app on IOS version 2.0.3. Select the "My Numbers" tab.

In this menu, you can also enable or disable voicemail notifications via email.





Step 2: Select each number to adjust voicemail settings. Voicemail settings are distinct for every number you own in RingTo.



Step 3: Record a custom greeting by selecting the "My Voice" setting or choose a default greeting. Adjust auto-answer (the amount of time before a call goes to voicemail)  between 1 to 35 seconds. To deactivate voicemail entirely, select the "Voicemail OFF" setting.




Step 4: Now that your voicemail is setup correctly, you can listen to voicemails within the app.




Step 5: Select the green playback icon to listen to your voicemail. If you'd like to hear it on speakerphone, select the button to the right of the green playback button. To delete the voicemail, swipe left.



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