Moving your number to RingTo

Transferring your number to RingTo is an essential part of using our service, but we know it can get confusing. We've consulted with our porting experts to compile a "Get Started" guide for our newest users to navigate this process. With all the right information, your port will go smoothly. Follow the links to specific porting guides if you see your service provider listed for more detailed information on moving your number to RingTo.


Getting Started


There are five basic types of information needed to port your number to RingTo:


1. Name.

2. Account Number.

3. Billing Address.

4. Telephone Number.

5. PIN.


Please note telephone service provided by cable companies (Cox, Comcast, TimeWarner Cable etc.), as well as services like AT&T Uverse and Verizon FIOS are not traditional landline services. Though marketed as such, they are actually VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, albeit routed over private networks as opposed to being an OTT (Over the Top) service like RingTo. When porting from these services, it's best to select Cellphone or VoIP service so that the LOA (Letter of Authority) is completed with the necessary information.


Do you see your provider listed below? Click to find the porting information your provider needs. Regardless of your service provider, do not cancel service with your existing service provider until your number transfer is complete. This will result in a loss of your phone number.


Porting from Assurance Wireless

Porting from AT&T

Porting from Boost Mobile

Porting from CenturyLink

Porting from Comcast

Porting from Cox Cable

Porting from Google Voice

Porting from H20 Wireless

Porting From LycaMobile

Porting from NetTalk

Porting from 35 Or Less /

Porting from Page Plus

Porting from Republic Wireless

Porting from RingPlus (R+)

Porting from Skype

Porting from Straight Talk

Porting from T-Mobile

Porting from Tracfone

Porting from Virgin Mobile

Porting from Vonage

Porting from Walmart Family Mobile


Don't see your service provider listed? Post a discussion in The Lounge to request porting documentation for your provider!


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