Q & A with the RingTo team about our transition

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In December 2015, RingTo announced that we would be transitioning to a paid model. On February 19th, RingTo announced that our transition to a paid model has been postponed indefinitely. This document covers details on RingTo's transition into a stand-alone service that will take effect on April 1, 2016.


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The RingTo Team

What is the cost of RingTo?

For users that have ported a number to RingTo, there is no cost for service at this time. That does not mean RingTo will remain free in perpetuity. If and when RingTo is ready to transition to a paid model, we will notify users via email.


Who is eligible / qualified to use RingTo beginning April 1st?

Users with existing accounts that have ported a number into RingTo prior to April 1. RingTo is no longer accepting new user signups.


What is included with the RingTo service?

Effective April 1st, users who meet the requirements for continuing with RingTo will have:

  • 300 Minutes of combined outbound and forwarding minutes monthly
  • 2500 text messages (in and out combined) monthly
  • Voicemail
  • Call Blocking
  • Access to our IOS and Android mobile apps for VoIP calling


How can I track my usage?

Your RingTo web dashboard now allows you to look at your monthly usage. Please review our Knowledge Base article for more information.


What happens when I've used up my monthly Minutes? What if I need more minutes?

Usage is based on minutes and messages consumed since the first of the month. Your usage resets to 0 on the first of each month (at midnight GMT, not local time). If you exceed your monthly allocation, calling and forwarding will be disabled on your account until the first of the next month. There is no option to buy more minutes. 


Why 300 outbound minutes? Sounds stingy!

If 300 outbound minutes is not enough, then RingTo is not for you. Please make arrangements to port your number out prior to April 1 or you may find your account disabled for excessive use. Our analysis shows that 95% of the users that are eligible to remain with RingTo will do just fine with 300 minutes. Check the chart below. An MOU is telecom speak for Minute of Use. If you fall in one of the red buckets, it's time for you to rethink your phone provider.

Dashboard 2.png



What happened to the RingTo paid service option?

We saw a very positive response to our proposed paid plan. However, after careful analysis we elected to keep the service free for the foreseeable future.


When does the service change take effect?

April 1, 2016


I am an Obihai user, what does the change mean for me?

Obihai users have received at least three notices at the time of this FAQ posting. The latest notice is located here. Users with ported phone numbers that also need to use an Obihai must find an alternative service provider. Service for all RingTo accounts where an Obihai device is detected will be terminated on April 1, 2016.


Users with ported numbers and are willing to use RingTo without an Obi device may continue to use RingTo after March 31st by simply deleting the "Obi RingTo" configuration from your Obihai prior to April 1st. Instructions for deleting RingTo from your Obi are located here.


I really need to keep my Obi active. Where can I port my number to?

Anveo is offering a special package for existing RingTo users allowing you to prorate any unused portion of your e911 fees towards new VoIP service.


Instructions for migrating your account from RingTo to Anveo are posted here:



CircleNet is offering a special package for RingTo users that includes free porting through March 1. The general announcement has been posted at the Obitalk forums:



Our community members have also assembled a comparison matrix of alternatives.


I am a GrooVe IP user, how does this affect me?

GrooVe IP has been sending out instructions on their plans to migrate from RingTo over to the new and improved GrooVe IP application. If you have not ported a number to RingTo, you must either continue your service with GrooVe IP's new platform or terminate your account. You must migrate by March 31st.


What if I want to move my RingTo number back to Google Voice? How do I do that?

rolandh created a very helpful step-by-step guide on how to transfer your number back to Google Voice via a wireless carrier. Google Voice does not currently allow porting directly from VoIP providers. In this case, he uses T-Mobile, though there are other options available to you. Need to move your number back to Google Voice?


How do I move all of my phone numbers into a single RingTo account?

If you’re looking to consolidate your RingTo accounts, private message nicolelohani with your request, detailing which account will act as the primary and listing each number you would like moved. Attempting to port existing RingTo numbers as a means to move them between accounts does not work. Here's an article with more information: Have multiple RingTo numbers? Here's how to divide or consolidate your RingTo accounts.

Will I get 911 support as part of the RingTo service?

No. As a pure mobile app and call forwarding solution, there will not be any e911 support unless there is an FCC mandate.


What about the number I got with Groove IP? Will I be able to keep it with RingTo?

If your account is already eligible for service with RingTo and you also have a number acquired with the GrooVe IP app, you may keep the new phone number. If you are not an eligible user, you are invited to join GrooVe IP's new service with your number or to port it out to the provider of your choice. It’s up to you.


What if I take no action?

If you are a user that has been qualified for RingTo (your account has a ported number), your service will continue as long as you conform to the new Terms of Service that will go into effect April 1.


If we detect an Obihai device or other VoIP adapter on your account after March 31st, your service will be terminated. We're not kidding! We've already told you via three emails and we'll be reminding you again. You won't find a sympathetic ear atsupport@ring.to because you "forgot" to take action.


If you are a GrooVe IP user, you must migrate by March 31st. Any accounts not migrated will be canceled and your number released on April 1.

I'm not happy!

This isn't Jeopardy, so we won't make you restate that in the form of a question. Here is the answer anyways: You are invited to port your number out of RingTo at no cost.

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